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25th November 2018


Febuary 2019 Visual Studio Debug & Release Mode

January 2019 Blog lost but being restored


March 2018 Visual Studio Restore Packages - what could go wrong?

March 2018 slow down to speed up

March 2018 MSB3277 : Found conflicts between different versions of the same dependent assembly that could not be resolved

January 2018 I hope you SAST to enlighten your development

January 2018 Plan for 2018


December 2017 Conflict Club

October 2017 Get Red and Challenge Group Thinking

September 2017 Intro to XSS
and the companion video Stored & Reflected XSS and Testing with OWASP ZAP

August 2017 Hero Development: Sucking Up Project Disasters

April 2017 Managing up and across

February 2017 Start your own Software Skunkworks


November 2016 Markdown Quick Reference

November 2016 Xamarin.Forms Growing Pains

November 2016 Windows 10 WCF issues with HTTP statuses 400.3 or 500.19

October 2016 Banish Ostriches from your development lifecycle

October 2016 Keep up to date - with old skills

June 2016 Making yourself & others happy with Kaizen

May 2016 Try not to include unintended backdoors

March 2016 Stop procrastinating, get off your ass and do something

January 2016 The email that costs $125,000

January 2016 Classic Books

January 2016 Sorry About The Delay In Posting


August 2015 Easily Encrypt Your Web.Config

August 2015 IIS Request Filtering

August 2015 IIS Logging Basics

August 2015 Log Lizard : Part 2

August 2015 The insanity of underpowered developer machines

August 2016 Log Lizard Part : 1

August 2015 Why start now?

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