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Why Start Now?

6th August 2015

I've been coding in one way or another since the mid-80's, firstly on the BBC B while at school and then later on my own PC in 1992 made by Mitac (or as my friends with Amiga's would call it "MiCrap"). It had a gargantuan 40Mb hard disk, 5.25" floppy drive and MS-Dos 5 which came with GW-Basic. The very first game I played on it was IBM Alley cat in 4 colour CGA. It was appalling compared to my friends Amiga's. I was so disappointed!

We even had Prestel at school which was amazing, the one time I saw it! Development and tech in general don't stop, which makes it difficult to keep up with fresh faced juniors working hero hours.

Why start blogging now?

Primarily, I feel as a reasonably seasoned developer that I need to try and make a mark in the profession and to stay ahead of the millions of faceless Ghost coders (I was one too). This is not to get points, badges or to become an MVP, but certainly to help the community with hints and tips that have been picked up over the years.

I've been inspired recently by several of my favorite bloggers. Troy Hunt springs to mind. He's been blogging for a few years now, has become an MVP, well respected and managed to escape from the day job to become a prolific speaker, blogger and Pluralsight author.

My blogs won't be as long as his. Short and sweet is the way I write! Goodnight.

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